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When it comes to Arizona, there is no place more renowned for its livability than North Scottsdale.  From North Scottsdale’s ultra-luxury communities like DC Ranch and Silverleaf to the high end condos at Kierland Lofts, there’s a host of fine Real Estate available for rent and for sale.

Demand is especially high in the winter seasons where landlords will usually charge double and triple rent for just a few months of our glorious temperatures.  Here at NorthScottsdale.com we provide MLS Search access to find homes for both rentals and purchase.

If you’re coming for just the winter, make your plans well ahead of time to get the best deals!

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Our goal for NorthScottsdale.com is to provide not only relevant and easy to find information about North Scottsdale in general, but also to provide details on each and every community in North Scottsdale. We do this both as a resource to out-of-towners and also information for current residents.

We do not yet have full information on every community here in North Scottsdale, but we are adding new ones all the time, and at some point will have a complete compendium of information for all of North Scottsdale’s Communities.

We can also narrow down information by Zip Code.

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North Scottsdale Dining


Food is not the first thing most visitors think about when they think of North Scottsdale, but it definitely should be!  There are a large variety of restaurants in North Scottsdale that not only serve to die for food but give memorable experiences as well.

To give you a few examples, Grimaldi’s bake’s some of the best wood fired pizza you’ll ever eat, and Pinnacle Peak Place not only delivers exceptional food but also delivers a fabulous rustic experience that hails back to the old days of Arizona.  Don’t wear a tie though, or you’ll only leave with half of one!


North Scottsdale Nightlife


Like the rest of North Scottsdale’s culture, its nightlife is vibrant and varied.  From world famous performances at the Talking Stick Resort and the classy happenings at the Scottsdale Quarter, residents and visitors alike want for no lack of quality entertainment.

A discussion of North Scottsdale’s Nightlife would not be complete without mention of Old Town Scottsdale, which though not technically within what folks consider as “North Scottsdale,” is only a short jaunt away and is certainly central to the heart of the overall Scottsdale Experience.


North Scottsdale Golf

Golf Homes

Golf Communities

The significance of Golf cannot be overstated in the Scottsdale lifestyle.  Here in the valley we have over a hundred golf courses, and a very healthy amount of them, if not the majority of them, are right here in North Scottsdale.


North Scottsdale Schools


It’s difficult to find a “bad” school in North Scottsdale.  But even more than just having good public schools, we also have options.  Arizona leads when it comes to alternatives to public schools.  We have excellent charter and private schools and flexible systems that do not penalize parents for seeking other options.


North Scottsdale Travel


Obviously we have a lot of visitors that come to North Scottsdale, and where there is a strong tourism demand, wonderful hotels are sure to follow.  The already mentioned Talking Stick Resort is probably North Scottsdale’s most famous hotel location, with a variety of entertainments and menu all its own.

Another notable location would include the Hyatt, which is one of the finer establishments and often frequented by those coming to taste the Scottsdale experience.


North Scottsdale Culture, History and Art



Culture and art may also be things folks don’t think about when they think of when they think of North Scottsdale.  The truth is however that we are brimming with a history that is just beneath the surface.  From the already mentioned Old Town Scottsdale, which is full of eclectic shops and things to do, to our museums and art galleries, there is plenty to see and to touch.